It all started when Arthur sold his farm in northern Missouri and moved his family to Columbia where he started going door to door spreading the word of his new tree and stump removal business. His hard work and determination built our company into what it is today. We are proud to have been providing quailty tree care in the Columbia area since 1998. Over the years the business has expanded to serve all residental and commercial tree care needs as well as into other areas such as land clearing and mulch.

Family has always been very important in Arthur’s life and in his business. Over the years each one of his four kids has worked for him in some way. In 2005 his son Scott moved back to Columbia and joined his dad in the family business. Scott’s wife Natalie joined the business full-time in 2010. In 2013 Arthur turned over control of the business to Scott and Natalie, who will continue to operate the family business with the same values of honesty, hard work and determination.

  • Arthur Ratliff - Tree Service

    Scott and Natalie

  • Arthur Ratliff - Tree Care

    Arthur and his late wife, Cyola with their four children and their spouses.

  • Address: 8251 S High Point Ln, Columbia, MO 65203
    Phone: (573) 446-2266
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